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Liah’s Interlude

I’m not quite sure where to begin, but I’ve spent the last two months void of social media (except for FB, had to keep up with birthdays haha). I decided that I wanted to spend the first 60 days of 2018 grounded in who I am, who I wish to become, and where I would end up come May. Not to mention, I started my capstone for my MBA in January and it is with great pleasure that I announce I officially completed my MBA last night. It was by far the hardest 9 weeks of my life, but my celebration will be short lived because in two weeks I will start my second capstone for my MS in Science Management and Leadership. During that two week break I will be in Greece to visit 7 companies and learn about commerce in Athens. This trip and the experiences to come could not be more on time. I can say I’m ready to come from under my rock and reintegrate myself back into “society”, even if only for a couple weeks. I want to discuss some of my realizations that have come from my 2 month “interlude”.

In May I will be graduating and I’ve spent the last few months applying to jobs and networking, but things have not yet started to shift for me. I can definitely say that it’s been discouraging, but I have faith that God has a plan for me. With that being said, I was having a conversation with a friend one day about the pressure placed on us from society, and more specifically our generation. We are all learning how to “adult”, but it is no secret that most people have this notion that we should be in a certain place at a certain time. For me specifically, if I walk across that stage on May 12th and I don’t have a job I will feel like a failure, forget the fact that I’ll be 23 graduating with 2 graduate degrees. However, I’ve recognized that I’m only a failure if I allow this perception of who I should be and where I should be to permeate my life.

Recently, I’ve had many people I come into contact with say that I have this “glow”, and I’m always taken back by the comment because I feel as though the stress I was enduring had completely taken over. I could barely remember the day of the week, let alone comprehend where this “glow” could be coming from. However, I think it was a constant reminder from God that while you’re growing you could still be glowing. I’d like to compare it to a flower. A flower is still a flower, and is still beautiful even when it is not fully bloomed. So for everyone who is going through “it” during this stressful time of the year, continue to persevere. It doesn’t last forever and there are far greater things waiting for you on the other side. I’m glad I took the time to step away and focus on myself, and I’m truly ecstatic to get on this plane tomorrow to Greece. Make sure to follow my social media to see Greece through my perspective!




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