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Peace; Protect It At All Costs

Like many millennials, I juggle a multitude of things on a daily basis. And quite often I want to post a sign that says “Temporarily closed for maintenance” in regards to my life. There is a constant battle of protecting my peace, and I’ve embarked on this new task of learning how to do so in a positive and effective way. I’m on a mission of making the rest of my life, the best of my life.

I want to say that protecting your peace doesn’t entitle you to be mean, rude, or to blow people off. Protecting your peace doesn’t mean that you no longer care for those in your life, it just means you’re taking extra care of yourself. I’ve come up with a few key points that ensure I’m making the right decisions, and have kept me grounded in the process.

  • If it costs you your peace, its too expensive
  • You have to take responsibility for the energy you allow to be in your space
  • You are just as responsible for the energy you bring into others’ space. This is one of the most important ones because it’s a form of keeping yourself in check. We all focus on what we want in our life, but are you cognizant of what you put out?
  • Peace over pieces

As I come to the close of my graduate program, I am forced with the reality of what lies ahead of me. Between work, school, a social life, family, and the “future” I feel overwhelmed. However, I have taken some pressure off of myself by no longer feeling emotionally and mentally tied to situations or people that do not produce a peaceful outcome. I want to make it clear that peace does not equal avoidance, it equals dealing with conflicts in a manner that yield a peaceful conclusion. You cannot dodge stressful situations, but you do have the ability not to give it the emotion/time that can be better used in another facet of your life.

You have two roles in the protecting of peace. Protecting your peace and allowing for others around you to protect their own peace. The next time someone around you may be distant, don’t immediately take it personal. Try to reevaluate the scenario without you as a factor. Maybe school/work or family life is affecting them, and the worst thing you can do is show up with more pressure. In a world where we have a million factors weighing on us, promise yourself that you will choose your happiness and peace over all of them. Promise to make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

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