My Thoughts

“If everything is dipped in gold…”

My second (and final) year of my graduate program officially started Monday and it has left me with a range of emotions. I sit here writing this post only to take my mind of the intense syllabus I just read. I wonder how I’ll be mentally able to take 4 exams, write two 20 page papers, with weekly homework and discussion posts all in 9 weeks. And did I mention thats just for ONE of my two classes this term. However, I know my sentiments of being overwhelmed are similar to thousands of students who just started Fall classes this week, therefore I believed this week’s topic was fitting for this time of the year.

One of my favorite artists is Jhene Aiko and one of my all time favorite lines from her is “If everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow…” in Stay Ready (What a Life). I take this line to mean that if everything went well or ran smoothly all the time there would be no growth. Essentially, it’s the failures and rough patches of life that bring us to greater heights and provide us with insight. So during times of turmoil, confusion, or even discouragement, the beauty in it all is what you gain from each experience listed above. I know many people are either entering or coming to an end in their program and the first is just as scary as the latter. However, with both I just want to encourage everyone to take each class, project, and assignment day by day and to embrace all that comes with the process of progression. The truth in it all is that victory is sweet, but overcoming a failure is even sweeter. I know that my classes will challenge me and I may have some failures in the months to come, but they will not define who I am as a person and what I wish to accomplish.

The full line in the song goes, “If everything is dipped in gold, then baby it will never grow. Everything sweet ain’t sugarcoated” and that is what’s important to remember. We are all fighting our own battles mentally and emotionally and what appears to be sweet or “sugarcoated” in someone else’s life may not actually be the case. Rip your gold off, and face the growth that is awaiting you.

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