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22 Things I Learned in My 22nd Year

In less than 72 hours I’ll be turning 23 years old, and my goodness has my 22nd year flown. I’ve spent the last year in a new city (that’s not so new to me anymore), learning how to balance graduate school and work, and pinpointing the next step of my life. As we all know, our twenties are definitely a whirlwind of mixed emotions, struggling to choose between good and bad decisions, and honestly just trying to make it from sunrise to sunset with out completely losing it. As SZA said, “Honesty hurts when you’re getting older”, and with that being said there were a lot of realities I’ve had to face in the last year. Therefore, I’ve decided to write out 22 things I’ve learned in my 22nd year. Writing this has given me time for some introspection on year 22, while allowing me to figure out my path of growth for year 23.

  1. It’s okay to take time for yourself.
  2. Sometimes you grow apart from people, but that doesn’t mean you don’t still care for them.
  3. Doing what’s best for yourself is not always easy, but it’s necessary.
  4. Waking up sad/depressed and not wanting to get up is perfectly okay. Don’t downplay the seriousness of your mental health. Depression is real.
  5. This leads me into my next lesson, having a therapist is not taboo and I encourage it if you need to seek help. Mental health should be a priority.
  6. Falling off a goal does not equate to failure.
  7. I’m stronger than I give myself credit for.
  8. Don’t take everything personal, not even the compliments.
  9. Exploration and traveling is good for the soul.
  10. The best things come when you least expect them, like love.
  11. It’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do in life, even when you’re about to graduate with two Masters.
  12. Nothing good comes from drinking (for me). Period.
  13. Knowledge is power, but knowing your fears is a super power.
  14. Being emotional is okay, and never let anyone make you feel bad for being that way.
  15. Family is important. Don’t let too long go by without checking in on loved ones.
  16. Restoration of relationships is tough work, but can be very rewarding.
  17. Don’t burn yourself to keep others warm. Putting your self first is not selfish, it is apart of self-love and self-care. 
  18. Saying no is okay.
  19. No matter how far I wander, I’ll always find my way back.
  20. Don’t compare yourself to others, whether that be someone’s body, their career progress, or their relationship.  You cannot compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.
  21. Your thoughts are far more important than you’d like to give credit to. They become the blueprint of how you choose to maneuver through life. Simply put, everything stems from them.
  22. And finally, apart of writing this post is the result of one of my biggest lessons, learning to Live in My Truth, which consists of trusting my decisions and being honest with myself and those around me. 

I’ll end this with yet another SZA quote, “Good luck on them 20 somethings, God bless these 20 somethings”, and as tough as they may be, they’re some of the greatest times of our life. Here’s to another year of growth and prosperity. 23, bring it on!




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