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Living in Your Truth

This blog post is about Living in Your Truth. And if I’m being honest with myself, I’ve realized I’m a horrible blogger. This post is something that I’ve wanted to write for FOREVER, but unfortunately I’ve let the stresses of life keep me from it. Between school, work, trying to stay fit, and the copious amounts of traveling that I do, I’ve found it difficult to fit blogging in it all. And honestly, I’ve been afraid to write this piece, afraid that it wouldn’t be good or that I wouldn’t be able to find the perfect words to describe my innermost sentiments on this topic. When I initially decided that I wanted to create a blog, someone close to me mentioned that I needed to blog through the good and bad times of my life. Quite often, we hide our struggles from the world and put on a facade, but I believe being true to who you are and what you have going on is key to Living in Your Truth.

Yesterday I stumbled across an article that was titled “You Aren’t Lazy—You’re Just Terrified: On Paralysis and Perfectionism”, and boy did it sum my life up. There is this cycle of perfectionism, procrastination, and paralysis. And in this article I was able to relate, because just like the writer, I have my good days and I have my bad days. “At my best, I am an efficient and organized person… At my worst, I am flighty and frazzled”. I fall short of my expectations because of my fears of lack of perfection. Therefore, I spend more time thinking about what I want to do, than actually doing it. That leads to procrastination, which eventually leads to paralysis. And I say this all to say that its okay, because things “will never be perfect, but that does not mean that it can’t be good”. Just like this blog post, I may not be able to conceptualize my thoughts “perfectly” , but that doesn’t mean this post won’t be good or beneficial to someone.

I’ve become a firm believer that there is no shame in letting others see your struggle. It gives people something real to grasp in a world that has taken the realism out of life. How scary is it that we can pull ourselves together and portray to the world that we’re fine when in reality our world is crumbling; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. You may never truly know what those around you are going through. How scary is it that you can speak to someone everyday and not hear their silent attempts for help. Their silent pleads to Live in Their Truth. And I’m here to say that it’s draining, it’s such a draining task to live any other way but in your truth.

Living in Your Truth is not just about being honest with yourself, but more importantly it’s about being honest with those around you. I’ve challenged so many people in my life to live in their truth, on a day to day basis. If your feelings are hurt, then say that. If you care about something or someone, then don’t say “I don’t care”, why are you lying to yourself? If you want to send that text or make that call, then do it, don’t downplay your emotions. If you’re having a really bad day, week, or month, then express that. If you’re having mental/emotional distress then address it. And I don’t mean the meme’s and tweets that refer to mental health as “depression naps” or in a joking manner. Go see a therapist or a counselor. Find someone to fully express yourself to. Not only will you grow from it, but it will help create a better bond with those you love and care about. When you’re able to be vulnerable with those of importance in your life, it prevents miscommunication on so many levels. Everyday I’m learning the direction of my life and figuring out what my truth is. It’s not an easy road, but I challenge everyone who reads this to embark on the journey of Living in Your Truth.


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