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Why Blog?

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to finally have my blog up and running. Let me be the first to say this whole experience has been a process. If you would have told me a year ago I would create my own site and actually start a blog, I would have laughed in your face. I’ve learned quite a bit about myself during the creation of Vie de Gia and I can’t wait to reveal more. I decided to create this blog back in September of 2016. At the beginning of October I took my first round of pictures and was ready to get started. However, life got the best of me and my focus shifted to school, the gym, and my social life. I put off the blog for months because I didn’t want it to feel like a chore. I wanted to enjoy creating it, and most importantly, I wanted to do it on my own time.

Five months later, we’re here and I’m excited to give you all a peak into my life and my closet! Initially this was going to be a fashion blog, but I have so much more to offer than my sense of style. The messages I have received over the past few years, from young women, made me realize, I have inspired many individuals in some facet of their life. Below are a few of the messages I have received throughout the years:

Messages like the ones above have showed me that I can use my life experiences to help empower others. I want to see everyone prosper, especially young women. So I decided to use this platform as a way to inspire others through all of my life endeavors, good and bad. I believe it’s important to show the nitty gritty of life because what is normally shown on social media can be misleading. I’m just a young woman stepping into her own, fighting to hold all other facets of her life together, while trying to do it in style! So stay awhile and take a peak into Vie de Gia (Life as Gia).

1 thought on “Why Blog?”

  1. Li, words cannot express how proud of you I am. I literally watched you grow in all facets of life through our transition to St. Louis. This is amazing, keep on inspiring others! I can’t wait for more of your thoughts and bomb outfits. Love you!


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